In Support of the Video

Here is the story of a man who was able to overcome incredible adversity in his life. Despite all the hardships he had to live through, he never abandoned his values and his belief that all men are inherently good and that we must all work together as equals to build a better future. This is the kind of person which many of us aspire to be. However, this sort of altruism is very rarely seen in our world today. Adopting this sort of mindset may very well be essential if we are to look forward to a positive future for humanity.

The Counterpoint

Yes, to look forward in a positive manner, one must adopt such an optimistic mindset, and yes, the events described show perfectly the value of being a giving and caring person in society--- But, we must not blind ourselves with this bright light of optimism without realizing the saddening effects that would accompany such a view this day in age. All too often in this world we see people, well, "biting the hand that feeds." 'If you give, if you care, you will be taken advantage of' is not what we are taught through life, but rather, what we learn through experiences. On a small scale (i.e. between friends) and on the large scale (i.e. foreign aid) such caring is more viable. But it is the middle ground that is rough and tumble. When you help out someone you don't know too well - like helping a man with his suitcase at the airport - you might just find that he's been playing upon your sympathy to get a slip at your wallet. The world is a dangerous place, and cannot be entered with arms wide open - lest one want to be punched in the gut. Type in the content of your new page here.