It inspires us and gives us a sense of hope, that perhaps humans are not as bad as we think they are.
(Erich)-> Note the Key word here: "issue." So, how does the issue of inherently Good v. inherently Bad connect to our experiences? One must stress here the fact that your environment - the place where you live and have lived - plays a major role in your opinion on this issue. If you grow up in a destitute area, you may be more prone to the belief that people have shit on you your entire life, and henceforth, believe in an inherently bad, or "evil" idea of humans - which would be short sighted. On the flip side, if you grow up in a sheltered home... (yuppies..) you may view the world as more of a 'zippity do da place' - which would definitely be shortsighted as well. It is the delicate balance that allows one to exist in this world while helping others fulfilling-ly, while not getting shit on constantly.