In a world where people don't live in perpetual fear of others, they being to become a warmer and more sociable person. A world in which people trust each other, is the closest thing to utopia that man can conceive of. However, this video also forces to think about why it is that such a trusting society wouldn't survive in today's world. Once we have identified the problem, it becomes all the more easy to combat it. The ideas in this video brings a warmer community closer in the minds of those who watch it.
(Erich)-> Although Ben Dunlap does an excellent job of presenting in the video, he can't deny the cold hard fact that we live in a world where "nice guys finish last" and, well, "Only the good die young." (Ok, a little too cliche there, but you get the point). As far as future plans, I don't see much of an outlet in discussing this, as it doesn't really inspire any thoughts about, well, at least my own. The information in the video is a portrayal of one story among millions, it really can't be taken as an example for the general populous.