The Gist

I. Global issues will not go away, students are unprepared if not internationally literate prepared.
II. International studies, knowledge
-General awareness of many issues.
-In-depth knowledge of one global issue.
-Able to recognize inter-relatedness of global issues.
-Aware that their knowledge is always incomplete.
III. International studies skills.
-Learn how to learn.
-Process data effectively.
-When comfronted with conflicting information, suspend judgement, reserve feelings, gather data and think critically.
IV. International skills participation.
-Action is measure of worth.
-Neither too optimistic nor pesimistic in their approach to global problems.
-Understand, does empower to make a difference.

Final Thought...

Students need knowledge and skills to act, not just think.

The Gems

Are there other sides to this position?
What can we do now to move toward the next step?
"School is not preparation for life, it is life