Link to video:

Questions about content:

1. Who is the presenter? Why should we trust him/her? [in soph academy, Mr. Allen has been stressing this firsthand experience thing alot, so if a freshman presents it, it'll look really good, so someone besides me (erich) can claim this]
2. Identify the issue and describe its context. Why is it important? Why should we care?
PRESENTER(S): Jon & Erich

3. What philosophy or worldview informs and supports the presenter?(Nick can take this.)

4. How does the issue connect to your education and experience?

5. What statistic, anecdote, and/or image do you find most compelling? Why?

6. What does this video make you wonder about?
PRESENTER(S): ............

7. How does the video inspire you? How does it make you think about your plans for the future?
How could the information from this video lead to making the world a better place?
PRESENTER(S): ............

8. What one thing could you do, this week, to make a positive difference in this area?
PRESENTER(S): All, I guess, if we do an interactive discussion.

9. How does the Glenbrook Academy of International Studies help prepare you for the future? How could the Academy serve you better?
Let's do a Q & A with the audience for this one. Nice and interactive with the whole group.

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