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Click for TED Video.
Click for TED Video.
Hi all--it's Morgan. SO, I'm thinking we should probably start getting some stuff done with this project. I can talk to Eeman and Hannah in class this week, and Ethan too, and I can post what we come up with here, for Albert, Thomas, and Alex. If any one knows any specifics about the project or would like to share any ideas, I'd love to hear them! Also, I added some onto the questions with the --

Hi - it's Albert. Apparently, what we're supposed to do on this project is to explain the content of the video, explain why the content is important, and give information on the presenter --- kind of like current events. The questions are guides for the presentation. We need to make a wiki page that we're going to use for the presentation, and a handout with info for the audience. And we can show a 1-2 minute clip of the video during the presentation.

Hi--it's Hannah. I just wanted to copy th list of questions to this page so they would be easier to see. I think as people have answers for them just write under the question and maybe put your name so we could try to divide the work evenly. I added on to some of the questions that Albert or Thomas started.

Hi- Thomas, just checking in. - LordAlchemist LordAlchemist Mar 4, 2008

1. There will be two areas with five groups in each area.
2. Each group will present for 10-13 minutes, making sure to allot 5-7 minutes for Q & A.
3. Groups will be given a two minute warning, then stopped at 13 minutes.
4. After all groups present, the students from each area select one group to present in the final display.
5. The final display consists of two groups presenting to the entire room full of attendees.

Questions about content:

Who is the presenter? Why should we trust him/her?

The presenters are Sergey Brin and Larry Page. We should trust them because they are the co-founders of Google. If anybody should know anything about how Google works, I suppose it would be them.
To add on, they graduated from Standford in 1995 with a degree in computer science. This tells us that they are well trained and since they got thier dgree no to long ago, we are more willing to think they have up to date training and are using the best and newest ideas.

Identify the issue and describe its context. Why is it important? Why should we care?

There's an issue?
--If there's an issue, I think that it would be along the lines of internet companies not trying hard to work with the public, and not typically trying to help with the internet or make it more helpful. Also, one issue that might be able to be used is the idea that the corporate world is a bleak world that sometimes gets boring and no longer innovative, which the Google company works at trying to overcome.

What philosophy or world-view informs and supports the presenter?

Obviously, the benefits of Technology. Without this acceptance, Google is pretty sunk.

How does the issue connect to your education and experience?

--It connects because it speaks of how to keep up work ethic and motivation and creativity all while getting a lot of new and innovative things going. This is important in education to keep it going and make it more effective.

What statistic, anecdote, and/or image do you find most compelling? Why?

The Google usage worldwide; I was surprised that the US wasn't near the top, compared to Europe.

What does this video make you wonder about?

Would the much-publicized Google work environment actually work anywhere else? Where?
How big an effect Google has actually had. Has it speed up work? Made it easier to find things? More importantly, if Google hadn't come alon, would we have done the same type of things (ie searches) on a different web site?
Do the Google founders see any forseeable "stopping point" in terms of expansion?

How does the video inspire you? How does it make you think about your plans for the future?

This video inspires me in that it shows me how technological possibilities are rapidly growing. It shows me how much we can accomplish if we have a passion to accomplish something and if we have a plan to accomplish it. It makes me think that working in an area dealing heavily with technology might be an interesting experience for the future.

How could the information from this video lead to making the world a better place?Mega-industry-power Google could bring slow-coming synchronization to the onslaught of disconnected web services out there?
(The Wiki is one of the fragmented services.)

What one thing could you do, this week, to make a positive difference in this area?

To appply this to GBS and GBN, we could spend more time teaching students to use new technologies, and maybe even design some themselves. But, i'm pretty sure everyone in GBS and GBN know how to use Google.
--Okay I realize that this is getting repetitive, but again, I think the innovation and creativity that Sergey and Larry are trying to provide can be applied by coming up with new technologies with which to learn, and new ideas of how to learn. Also, I think that something like peoples' individual interests and hobbies could be applied in school to help them achieve more and come up with new things.

How does the Glenbrook Academy help prepare you for the future? How could the Academy serve you better?

Using "web 2.0" exposes us useful tools for web collaboration (like this right here).
--In some ways, the Academy tries to tap these creative "sources".

This would be a great place to toss in any teachers buzzword phrases, like "Ideas have consequences" or "Critical consumers of the news", if any are applicable.

Additional research:

Identify and research a particular claim made by the presenter that intrigues you.

Identify and research a problem raised in the presentation.

State a question raised by the presenter or implied by the presentation and research some answers.

Research opposing views to the presenter's philosophy or work.

http://www.workz.com/content/view_content.html?section_id=494&content_id=6983 is a great link for some negatives of Google Adense sites. It talks a little bit about how Google Adense is negativley affecting some buisness because some buisnesses are relying soley on Google Adense for business. The big negatives are: Google Adense sites are not a long term way to get buisness. You depend soley on pop up and click on ads, not long term growth. They depend on search engines for costumers.

Note by Ethan: Google's payouts are getting smaller and smaller due to the glut of companies using this service. Google can't pay out the amounts they used to since they need to pay so many customers. Google might have to start picking and choosing businesses to use this service since it's not a sound business strategy to pay out thousands of smaller sites with almost no traffic. This creates competition between sites, which is bad.

State and research a question you'd like to ask the presenter.

If your talk took place over a year ago, research any new developments.

By no means complete, feel free to add on: Google Answers was closed down, Google Maps was launched, Google Web Accelerator was made, Google Earth was made, Music search was created, Google Video Player was made, Google chat, Google Page Creator, Google Calendar, ... etc etc. http://www.google.com/corporate/history.html for more information

Hey Group, note from Morgan

In order to make sure our presentation is, well, presentable, I've taken the task of assigning jobs. Sorry ! But I just want to make sure this gets done. We have most of the questions answered, so if everyone would take one question and post here which they're going to know and discuss that would be great. So definitely make sure to choose at least one question. Also, the powerpoint needs to be made. I hear that Thomas is really good at all that technological stuff, so I was wondering if you (Thomas) would be willing to work on that. Also, Eeman, if you don't mind, maybe you could help contribute to the powerpoint or something else since there hasn't been all too much participation on your part. Everyone, please feel free to message me. I'll be busy most of tomorrow but will do my best to work with you guys!

...Okay so now I (Morgan) believe that Eeman and Thomas will be sending me pieces for the PowerPoint, and I'll put it all together. Tell me if you guys have any other thoughts about tomorrow!

Hey - This is Eeman. If it is okay with everyone, I will take the first two questions. Basically dealing with the introductions.

-Albert- If its possible, make the power point part of the presentation page? I wasn't aware we needed a power point, but i'm pretty sure we need a presentation page

Hannah- ill take the how it inspires me and one thing to do to make a positive impact and how Academy fits in to this.

Morgan--So either, everyone can work on this on their own and send it to me, or we could all put it together tomorrow morning. Please please please message me and tell me which decision you make because I'm going over Eeman's part of the PowerPoint (thanks Eeman!) and I'll edit in all other slides, so message me whenever you get the chance! Also, try to make sure to get to school relatively early tomorrow so we can work on the presentation itself. Thanks guys!